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Flouring Hands

"Is cardio better for fat loss than strength training? How much should I be lifting? Will strength training get me too bulky? What about HIIT?"


We will guide you through the overabundance of misinformation that has plagued the fitness industry.  You deserve to know what works versus what doesn't. Frankly, it can be the difference between staying on track and derailing for months. With our experience, collegiate background, and science-based methods, you won't have to worry about the latter.

High Plank

We like to keep things simple. We'll assess your current fitness level, chat about your challenges with nutrition, and get to work on the changes necessary to get you to your goal. We'll hold each other accountable by measuring your progress over time. 

Fitness Equipment


Creating a sustainable workout routine revolves around setting realistic expectations, performing exercises safely, and creating the most efficient and effective programs.  While intentional redundancy will be at the core of our workout program, doing the same workouts is admittedly boring. You can expect a different workout program every 6-12 weeks. It keeps things fresh.


"[Kenny is] a super enjoyable person to be around making coming to the gym fun -- especially for someone like me who finds the gym intimidating. I highly recommend Kenny to anyone looking to improve their fitness and get in shape, while having fun!"

Liz. S

"Kenny's approach of combining boxing (which I find really fun) with weight training has been very effective for me in keeping me interested and motivated, forming a habit, and dramatically improving my strength and health over the last two years."

Konstantin S.

"Whether you’re looking to get in shape for your overall health, happiness, aesthetics, or to be able to eat tons of French fries like me, go with Kenny. Part trainer, part PT, part cheerleader, part therapist and life coach, he’s the real deal."

Emma C.