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About Ken Method

I founded Ken Method in 2019 with the goal of helping people lose fat, tone up, feel stronger and more confident through strength training. I noticed there was a need for personal trainers in Tribeca who could give their clients sustainable workout routines and hold them accountable to achieve their fitness goals. I created Ken Method around those core concepts: accountability and sustainability.


As a certified personal trainer with a background in nutrition and exercise science, I’ve tallied over 9,000 hours of personal training experience. I’ve seen how transformative strength training is for the way my clients look and feel - and I want the same for you.


My goal is to get you to feel confident in your body by holding you accountable, helping you to take charge of your nutrition, and implementing an individualized safe strength training program for your goals.


I’m currently servicing the Tribeca, Soho, Noho and general Lower Manhattan area.


Don’t let your fitness journey stall any longer.




Whether you’re looking to get in shape for your overall health, happiness, aesthetics, or to be able to eat tons of French fries like me, go with Kenny. Part trainer, part PT, part cheerleader, part therapist and life coach, he’s the real deal.

Emma, C.


Kenny is an excellent personal trainer. Each exercise plan is carefully tailored to meet his client's specific needs, and he is always willing to adapt to keep the workouts fresh and fun...Our sessions are a highlight of my week. Highly recommend Kenny to anyone and any skill level.

Nic, J.


Kenny has made a tremendous difference in my life in a very short time. In just four months, my diet and exercise regimens have done a complete 180. He comes up with creative new exercises each session and knows his stuff so well, I never injure myself the way I used to when I worked out alone.

Caroline, s.

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9,000+ hours of experience

We can help you reach your fitness goals.