Kenny Guzman

Whether it be via playing baseball in the countryside of the Dominican Republic or sparring in the porch of my grandmother’s house, I always participated in some kind of sports. I was introduced to a variety of sports at an early age, and strength training was no different. My uncle and my dad would take me to the local gym where the gym equipment was made out of cement and shaped into their version of “dumbbells.” That didn’t stop them from lifting and it certainly didn’t stop them from doing countless reps of bicep curls. It wasn’t until my early high school years that I started lifting weights. Unfortunately, I developed an unhealthy relationship with exercise. I quickly became obsessed with the idea of having a bodybuilder physique. In order to look the way the men I saw in magazines and online looked, I had to stop playing the sports I loved and I had to spend hours in the gym (or so I thought).  It wasn’t until after years of extremely strict diets and pushing my body to its limits that I realized something had to change. I wanted to look and feel my best while having a work-life balance. ​

CEO/Lead Trainer

Little did I know that along that journey, I’d suffer an injury that reinforced the importance of having a sustainable exercise routine. Fortunately, the years I spent studying nutrition and exercise science in college coupled with thousands of hours of personal training experience helped foster my current outlook on health. The training I do for myself and my clients is one geared towards sustainability. The key to adherence revolves around sustainable workouts that are designed with intent, progression and an understanding of your body’s needs and limitations. This is why I value communication, diligent assessment and programming. 


Better than anyone, New Yorkers know the importance of the minimum effective dose. In other words, how to get the best result, with the least amount of effort. By no means does this mean you’re taking the easy way out. In fact, in fitness, this is exactly what most strive for. You can apply minimum effective dose to muscle gain, fatloss and mobility. None of that should be painful or time consuming. Don’t get me wrong, effort is required, and sometimes lots of it, but it should be directed in the right direction. I created The Ken Method after deciding to focus on my long term health and working with clients that were tired of not getting the results they wanted by other means.


The Ken Method is centered around sustainability, maximizing productivity, and having some fun along the way.