How It Works


Evaluating your movement is a crucial part of creating an effective and progressive exercise program. During your consultation, we will discuss your goal(s) and go through an extensive assessment to establish a baseline for future mobility and strength gains. Besides, it's always fun to look back and see how far you've come! 


Anyone can give you a hard workout and have you crawling out of the gym, but the beauty behind having a skillful personal trainer is their ability to create safe and strategic programs to get the very best out of your genetic potential. Our training centers around proven methods that will have you feeling and looking your best. We'll sit down and talk about creating the most effective program for you. 


While we meticulously track your weight, measurements, and strength, there is one thing we ask from you: consistency. When it's all said and done, this triumphs all. Consistency is the glue that holds everything together. 


Every quarter we’ll sit down and thoroughly sort through the data we collected throughout your 12 week program. We’ll chat about your strength gains, weight loss, nutrition compliance and discuss areas for improvement. This coincides well with the end of your 12 week program and the start of your new one.


Objectively measuring your progress holds us accountable for measurable change. Reassessing your strength and mobility is an on-going process.


Let’s make sure you get to your goal!