Nutrition goes hand in hand with achieving your fitness goals which is why all of our training services include nutrition guidance and tracking. When creating a nutrition plan for you, we ask ourselves, “By following these prescribed guidelines, what is your level of overall happiness?” While we strive to see visible changes in your body composition, other factors like productivity, energy levels, and mental health matters to us.


A large part of human connection is centered around food and we understand that if we’re going to change how and what you eat, we’re interfering with a fundamental aspect of your life. This is in part why we don’t give any of our clients a particular diet. Instead, we come up with a lifestyle that prioritizes your goal and well-being. 

During the consultation we’ll chat about your dietary restrictions and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. We’ll then use that information to develop a plan we can track week to week. Maybe you need someone holding you accountable to track your food intake or you’ve been meaning to try intermittent fasting but need guidance on your feeding window. Let’s figure out what’ll stick long-term.